Broadcast Yourself at London Real — a review

I have just finished a podcasting course called Broadcast Yourself at London Real, with Brian Rose at the helm, and I’ve been asked to write a review. It is my pleasure to do so.

Broadcast Yourself is everything it says it is. Brian claims the course will change your life, and if you go all in, that is no exaggeration.

The course has pushed me over more than one threshold, into a new territory of self-confidence and less worry about what other people think. If you follow your passion, everything you do will be genuine, and that shows. You’ll be surprised how much people will love it.

Just as amazing are the ties you bind with dozens of people from all over the world. The atmosphere within the group is incredibly supportive and loving.

The course is intensive, and one or two of the modules were a bit too condensed. The part about nurturing and interacting with your audience could have been clearer. But those are side remarks to a great experience.

I have created a podcast called Mind the Shift. It’s about a shifting and integrating world, and also about a shift in the way we perceive our world. I want to explore those changes as well as the fusion between science and spirituality that I believe is happening. When I left the course I had twelve episodes published and another five in the pipeline. I wouldn’t have been near that achievement without Broadcast Yourself. You probably save years by taking it. If you’re considering starting a podcast, don’t hesitate to enroll.

The Broadcast Yourself course is highly recommended.

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